I write for health and wellbeing, and I aim to engage with others who may find daily life challenging for whatever reason.  I do not currently put posts behind a pay wall, as that would not work for me presently.

I have been writing for some time, and my preferences are to write short pieces in whatever form seems appropriate at the time, with a subject matter that is many and varied. Thus, I don't do things like write to a niche, but more just follow ideas as and when, of whatever subject matter.

I take writing seriously, but want writing, wherever possible, to involve creativity. I try not to live by labels, I don't like hate speech, and I hope always for equality and equality of opportunity, with mutual respect being the order of the day.

Family First Forever is my thing, and I tend to embrace the slower life as much as I can.

You can always find my writing by following this link.

April 2022

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Still Breathing: Staying alive on a daily basis


Scottish, born in 1958, now living in Bristol, UK